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10 Tips To Put You On The Quickest Way To Lose Weight

10 simple but effective ways to help you lose weight quickly

quickest_way_to_lose_weight_image44Trying to lose weight quickly and making it permanent has been an elusive subject to many. As has been said many times the simple solutions are sometimes always the best. We look at 10 quite simple but effective ways that can put you on the quickest way to lose weight and make it permanent

Tip 1: Have a plan for your meals

Without a plan the chances of success is very low. You need a plan to enable you to pursue any venture successfully. This includes the journey to the quickest way to lose weight. You need a weight loss plan; when to exercise, what to eat and when to exercise. And you need to set targets as to what you want to achieve with every activity. Without a plan and without targets, you will be walking blind with no end point in mind

Your meal plan should include what you want to have for breakfast, lunch and supper. It should include what snacks you want to have and at what time. Ideally, your meal plan should spread over 4-7 days, to achieve a better balance. You can download a free 7 day weight loss plan from here if you are still struggling to develop an effective plan. You can incorporate some of the ideas into your plan if you currently have one as well.

Tip 2: Never Skip breakfast

lose weight quickly image02Breakfast is regarded as the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately many who are trying to lose weight quickly tend to skip this. There is the wrong notion that you have to starve to enable you to lose weight. Many therefore tend to skip breakfast. This should not be the case. The body needs a very good supply of nutrients to enable it to function properly. And there is no better time to start with the supply than breakfast. Skipping breakfast while on the quickest way to lose weight could only give you the opposite results as you end up, often, relying on unhealthy snacks to get you going. Opt for low-fat, protein-packed meals to give you a good start for the day.

Tip 3: Eat small meals at short intervals to put you on the quickest way to lose weight

Eating smaller meals at shorter and regular intervals can greatly help with your weight loss effort. Studies show that such a strategy can help you burn calories a lot quicker. It can also suppress the temptation to fall every now and then on snacks, most of which a laden with sugar and fat.

Tip 4: Leading a very active life can have a big impact on your weight loss effort

how to lose weight image006An active lifestyle is very essential for all. It is even more important if you are trying to lose weight quickly. Apart from the many health benefits resulting from an active lifestyle and regular exercise, you will be able to burn more fat. While you will be able to speed up the burning of fat by using fat burners, many of these fat burners and appetite suppressant recommend pursuing an active lifestyle to achieve the best result.

Similarly, you can lose weight quickly by going on a diet program, if you happen to find the right one. However, an active lifestyle and regular exercise will be required to enable you to burn the excess fat accumulated over the years. This has been the reason behind many failures of diet programs and appetite suppressants. Many have chosen these routes to help put them on the quickest way to lose weight without incorporating any form of exercise into their weight loss plans.

Tip 5: Fruits and vegetables should be a standard part of your daily diet

Three of the most important elements of any successful weight loss strategy are foods that are low in fat, foods that are high in fibre and foods that are low in calories. Fruits and vegetables fit these criteria perfectly. It is recommended you have 5 of these every day. Fruits and vegetables will also provide the body with many essential minerals and vitamins. They also tend to suppress your hunger, making you eat less and therefore keeping your effort to lose weight quickly on track

Tip 6: Drink more water

Being thirsty and being hungry are 2 different things, but many of us tend to confuse the 2. Drinking water every now and then can overcome this confusion. It is recommended the average person should aim at taking in about 1.2 litres of fluid every day. This is the equivalence of between 6-8 glasses. Most of this liquid should be ordinary water. You will need more if you are exercising or when the weather is very warm. Water can act as an appetite suppressant and can also help boost your metabolism. Thus, drinking plenty of water can help you stay away from food and also help you burn more calories.

Tip 7: Eat from a smaller plate

Eating from a smaller plate means you can only dish small amount of food at a time. Studies have shown that people who eat from a smaller plate tend to eat less, yet feel full. Over time, your stomach and your body will eventually adjust to this amount of food. In addition, it is recommended not to eat very quickly. Generally, it takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to communicate with the brain that you are full. Thus, you can lose weight quickly by slowing down the rate at which you take in food and also stop eating before you feel full.

Tip 8: Stay away from junk food to help you lose weight quickly

junk-foodOur busy lifestyles have created a culture of high reliance on junk and processed foods. To help us fight this temptation, it will be better not to stock them at all. Biscuits, chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks should not be included in our diet plan and should therefore not be purchased at all. These can be replaced with fruits, like apples and other healthy snacks like unsalted or unsweetened popcorn, peanuts, unsalted rice cakes, oat cakes, etc.

Tip 9: Include high fibre foods in your diet

How to lose weight quickly and make it permanent can be put into a higher gear by eating foods that are high in fibre. Such fibre can be found in food obtained from plants. Oats, fruits and vegetables, wholemeal bread, beans, brown rice, peas are some of the foods that are high in fibre. Such foods should be incorporated into any meal plans

Tip 10: Reduce the consumption or drinking of alcohol

It is very essential to regulate the amount of alcohol intake if you are on the quickest way to lose weight. That is, if you can’t do away with alcohol completely. A pint of lager could contain as many calories as a packet of crisps and a pint of wine can contain the same calories as a piece of cake. Thus, a glass or 2 wine, or a pint or 2 of lager a day can put your weight loss effort into reverse gear.


The quickest way to lose weight can be made very complicated or can be made quite simple. We believe you can lose weight quickly by making some simple changes to your lifestyle and live a very comfortable life.

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