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11 Diet Tips For Weight Loss Success

Diet foods that can make your effort to lose weight quickly fail

When it comes to dieting and losing weight there are so many different theories and pieces of advice floating around. One thing that many people believe is that diet food is the best thing to eat when they are on a diet. Many of these foods may look good from a calorie standpoint, but it is important to look at the bigger picture. Many diet foods are actually worse than other foods and they can lead to eating more without losing an ounce. Without adequate knowledge, relying on such foods can greatly affect your weight loss success.

Healthy cereals

If a breakfast cereal claims to be very healthy you should take the time to carefully read the label to ensure that it is truly nutritious. When you eat these foods you are getting a ton of sugar and a heaping serving of carbohydrates. When you eat carbohydrates, the blood sugar levels increase initially and then it drops rapidly within a few hours. This can leave you hungry before lunch and needing a mid-morning snack to stay satisfied, leading to a higher caloric intake. It can also make you drowsy after the blood sugar plummets.

Agave nectar

This is a syrup that many companies state is a healthier, more natural alternative to high fructose corn syrup and sugar. However, when you really look at it, it is worse than sugar, containing up to 90 fructose where sugar only contains 50 percent fructose. Like all things, moderation is key, but if you want to sweeten something your best choice in this scenario really is plain old sugar from a health standpoint. You want to make sure not to get too much fructose because this can lead to chronically elevated insulin and insulin resistance.


Whole wheat bread

healthy foodsMany people recommend that dieters go for whole wheat bread instead of white bread When you are only comparing the two, whole wheat seem to be the better choice. However, this is not the only thing to consider and you need to really look at the nutrition content of the bread. Also, when you are looking at the glycemic index of whole wheat bread you will find that it does not differ much from the glycemic index of white bread. This means that when you eat whole wheat bread, your blood sugar could spike rapidly.


Granola is a favorite among dieters and when you get granola that is whole and made from natural and real ingredients, it is healthy. However, many granola bars and cereals in stores are overly processed making them a really unhealthy choice. They also tend to have a lot of sugar to make them sweet and something you actually want to eat. Now, processed foods have gotten a bad reputation lately and some of the claims are still being investigated. However, some experts believe that processed foods can take a toll on your digestion, cause chronic inflammation and are possibly detrimental to your mind.

Low fat yogurt

yogurt can help you lose weight quicklyLow-fat yogurt that is natural and organic can be great for you and can help you achieve weight loss success. However, most of what you find in the grocery stores are highly processed and not the least bit healthy. These yogurts tend to be loaded with fructose or sugar. When you want yogurt, just go for the natural one. There is no need to find one that is low in fat because there is no proof that dairy fat causes issues like cardiovascular disease and obesity like some low-fat proponents claim. In many cases, when the dairy fat has been removed, the yogurt is supplemented with something that is far worse.

Commercial salad dressing

When you are eating salads, you are getting a major dose of essential nutrients, but the dressing you use could make your healthy choice an unhealthy one. There are few people who enjoy salad without some dressing and that is a very good choice. If you decide to use any dressing with your salad, it is important to choose one that is not loaded with unhealthy ingredients. For example, many commercial dressings are loaded with calories and contain ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and soybean oil. While soybean oil may not necessarily be a bad thing, but you must ensure that you are using one that is certified organic and one that is not at all hydrogenated.


Fruit juices

fruit juiceMany fruit juices that you find in the store are not really fruit juices at all and they are merely flavored water with a tons of added sugar. Many fruit juices contain the same amount of sugar as soda and sometimes even more. You need to read the label and make sure you are also paying close attention to serving size. Most juices have a serving size of just eight ounces so even if you choose a 100 percent juice, to prevent getting far too many calories, adhere to the serving size. Overall, your best option is just to eat a piece of fruit because the fiber will keep you fuller longer.

Diet soda

Diet soda has no calories so many people turn to it so they can keep enjoying soda without trashing their caloric intake. However, while drinking diet soda will reduce your calories and how much sugar you get, there is no proof that this type of soda promotes weight loss success. People can shed pounds when they are drinking diet soda, but this weight loss is not directly related to the soda. Those who lose weight are reducing their caloric intake overall and are making the necessary lifestyle changes to lose weight, such as regular exercise and a healthier diet.

Processed organic foods

This is kind of an oxymoron, but some processed foods do claim to also be organic. These processed foods are just as bad as their non-organic counterparts and some experts believe they may cause things like chronic inflammation and digestive issue. These foods tend to have organic sugar in them and many people think this is automatically better, but it is not. Your liver will process organic sugar just like it does the regular sugar so there is essentially no difference once it is in the body. So, when you are looking for organic foods, make sure that they are truly organic.

Trail mix

Trail mix is often thought to be healthy, but the nuts that are in the mix are usually high in fat and the dried fruit is packed with sugar. If you want a quick burst of energy, this can be a solid option, but if you are looking for sustained energy and a snack that satisfies you for a long period of time, you want to look for different options. In addition to the high fat and sugar content of trail mix, these also tend to be loaded with carbohydrates. If you are trying to shed some pounds, the high carbohydrates are not a great option and a high-carbohydrate diet may also increase your risk of heart problems.

Gluten-free junk food

So many people seem to be going gluten free today and it is estimated that nearly one third of all americans are working toward a low gluten diet. Of course, this has resulted in a major campaign against gluten and so many people are jumping on the bandwagon and buying everything possible that does not contain gluten. When it comes to gluten-free junk foods, most of these are processed and packed with things like sugar, refined carbohydrates and a variety of chemicals.

To achieve weight loss success requires a combination of factors. Getting the right knowledge about what you are eating can have a big influence on how far you go in achieving your weight loss goals. If you are struggling with your decision on what foods to eat to help you lose weight quickly, then we suggest you look at the Fat Loss Factor Program. Regarded by many as one of the successful weight loss programs, you will learn to understand the effect the foods you eat have on your body and you will be able to burn more fat with the program to help you achieve the slimmer body of your dreams.


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