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5 Healthy Foods That Can Put You On The Quickest Way To Lose Weight

Healthy Foods that can help you lose weight quickly and provide you with a range of health benefits

quickest way to lose weight image09Are you are still struggling to decide what healthy foods to include in your diet to help put you on the quickest way to lose weight? We have identified below 5 healthy foods that can help you to lose weight quickly. These healthy foods will supply your body with a number of nutrients and vitamins and provide many benefits to you and your health. Include these in your weight loss diet or diet plans, put yourself on the quickest way to lose weight to help you get the lean healthy body you have dreamed for.

Green Tea

Green tea has gained popularity in the western world in recent years. However it has been widely used in India and China for centuries due to the many health benefits it is believed to provide. In these countries it is used in traditional medicines to

  • help control bleeding,
  • treat wounds,
  • to control body temperature,
  • to improve mental health, as well as
  • improve the condition of the heart.

Apart from herbal tea, all types of tea are prepared from the Camellia sinensis plant. The different versions of tea we find on the market are based on how the leaves are processed. The processing procedure produces a different level of oxidation and the different type of tea.

Green tea forms about 20% of all tea consumed in the world. But unlike black tea, green tea is produced from leaves that have not gone through any oxidation. It is also one of the least processed tea, just behind white tea. This makes it possible for green tea to keep most of its properties, including high levels of antioxidants and polyphenols.

Polyphenols is believed to have both anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Polyphenols is known to contain high levels of Epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGGG which is known to have the ability to help the body get rid of free radicals.

Compared to black tea which is consumed by about 78% of tea drinkers in the world, green tea is regarded as one of the healthiest drinks in the world.

Health benefits of Green tea

The MNT Knowledge Center list some benefits of green tea, some of which we highlight below

Can help lower the chances of getting a heat disease

  • A study in Japan and published in the American Medical Association showed consuming green tea could help reduce the possibility of a heart disease, thereby reducing the level of mortality

Can help lower cholesterol levels

  • Studies show consuming about 10 cups of green tea a day can help lower cholesterol level

Can help with the treat and also reduce the chances of getting cancer

  • As noted by The National Cancer Institute, the polyphenols which are found in green tea can help reduce the growth of tumour and also help lower the chances of getting cancer. Thus it can help kill cancer cells
  • A clinical study showed that the possibility of getting pancreatic cancer, for example reduced by about 50 percent among drinkers of green tea.
  • Various studies also show green tea can have a very good effect on various types of cancer including ovarian, breast, bladder prostrate and lung, stomach and skin cancers.

Type 2 Diabetes

  • While studies on the effect of green tea has been inconclusive at times, it is still believed drinking green tea can help lower the risk of getting type 2 diabetes in some people

Can green tea help put you on the quickest way to lose weight?

  • It is believed by increasing the levels of the antioxidants catechins and caffeine which are found in green tea, it can help speed the body’s metabolism. This will put the body in a better position to burn more fat which can help with weight loss.
  • It is however worth noting that various studies seem to dispute this fact. Various studies in 2012 seem to point to the effect of green tea on weight loss as very little.
  • On the other hand, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Studies concluded that green tea possesses thermogenic properties that can help promote the oxidation of fat. In effect, according to the study green tea extract can help the body with the burning and disposal of fat.


healthy foods image01Oats is a dietary fibre with very high contents of the beta-glucan type of fibre. Beta-glucan is known to help control the levels of bad cholesterol. A cup of oats contains about 607 calories and will provide you with roughly 16.5 grams of fibre which is equivalent to about half of your daily requirements of fibre.

In addition to fibre, oats contain very good levels of various vitamins and minerals including Vitamin E, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, a class of polyphenols known as avenanthramides as well as flavonoids

What are the health benefits of oats?

May help lower the possibility of colon cancer

  • In various studies involving over 2 million people and evaluated by researchers in the Netherlands and Britain including lots of whole grain in your diet could help lower blood pressure in a similar way that anti-hypertensive medication does.

May help reduce the chances of getting coronary heart disease

  • According to a published study in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, you stand a very good chance of reducing the possibility of getting coronary artery disease by eating wholemeal varieties of oats, oat flour and oat bran.

Oats and weight loss

  • Various studies point to the fact that eating foods that are high in fibre, such as whole meal oats keep you fuller for longer periods.
  • The chewing and crunching of fibre foods enables to stomach to have enough time to communicate with the brain, which helps to reduce the amount of food you are eating. The longer chewing period also enables the body to keep more calories.
  • Studies also show that people who eat high fibre foods for breakfast generally weigh less, compared to those who eat less.


Dark green leafy greens give us lots of nutrients and health benefits including helping us maintain healthy hair skin and bones. They also give us good quantities of protein, minerals, vitamins and iron. Kale is one of such green leafy greens.

Kale contains very high levels of such important vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin. In addition, such minerals as potassium, copper, iron, phosphorus and manganese can be found in very high quantities in kale as well.

It is estimated a cup of fresh kale contains about 3 grams of protein, but only just 40 calories while a cup of cooked kale could contain over 1000% more vitamin C than in the same quantity of spinach.

What health benefits do you get from kale?

Can help prevent various heart diseases

  • The high fibre, mineral and vitamin levels are all very vital for maintaining a very good heart. In addition including kale in your diet on a regular basis can lower the chances of getting stroke as well as help maintain blood pressure levels.

Effect on Cancer

  • Kale contains very good levels of the antioxidants, carotenoids and flavonoids, which are known to have very positive effects on cancer.

May help with the development of healthy bones

  • It is estimated a cup of kale may contain up to 550 micrograms of vitamin K. Vitamin K is known to have a very big influence on the health of our bones

May help with digestion

  • Other benefits include helping to improve the quality of hair, skin and eye sight due to the high levels of vitamins A and C and iron

Kale can help you lose weight quickly

  • It is  packed with satiating fibre. Like all fibre, eating kale can keep you full for longer periods. It can also help keep your hunger pangs at bay. This means you eat less to help you lose weight quickly.


  • lentilsLike beans, lentils belong to the legume family and are a very good source of fibre. They are also very rich in protein. Protein and fibre are very essential requirements for a healthy diet and a healthy body.
  • Due to their satiating properties, protein and fibre also play a very vital role in any weight loss strategy. They can help keep you fuller for longer periods and help suppress your hunger to help put you on the quickest way to lose weight.
  • Lentil is also a very good source of iron and is a very good substitute for meat. It is however believed the body struggles to make use of the iron in lentils, compared to that from meat. Eating lentils with foods that are high in vitamin C levels such as pepper for example, can greatly help with the body’s ability to absorb the iron in lentils.
  • Containing good levels of iron means it can also be of very good benefit to women especially during the menstrual cycle, to growing children and also to adolescents as well.
  • Lentils have very good levels of folate which is a vitamin B that helps the body to make new cells. This is very important for women before and during pregnancy as it can help with the development of the brain and the spinal cord in unborn babies.
  • Lentils can also help regulate blood sugar levels. In addition, it has the ability to provide the body with slow-burning energy or complex carbohydrates while at the same time helping to stabilize your blood sugar levels. Thus lentils have been found to be great benefit to type 2 diabetes patients.

Fat Free Yogurt

yogurtYogurt contains a range of vitamins and nutrients that can give us many health benefits. This has made yogurt one of the favourites of many of those who are very health-conscious. This is one of the many reasons we include yogurt in this list of must-have foods to help put you on the quickest way to lose weight. Among the many benefits are:

  • It can help reduce the chances of getting high blood pressure. This fact is supported by various studies including one conducted with over 5,000 University graduates in Spain.
  • It can help with the prevention of osteoporosis. It is believed many dairy products including yogurt contain good levels of Vitamin D which can be of great benefit to older people in protecting them against the development of weak bones.
  • It can help prevent vaginal infections in women.
  • It is also believed it can help with constipation, diarrhoea, colon cancer and bowel diseases.
  • There is evidence to show that yogurt can help keep you fuller for longer periods and help keep hunger pangs at bay. Thus it is regarded as a very effective snack that can be fallen on to help make any weight loss strategy a success,


We believe the 5 foods we have highlighted above can provide you with many health benefits and help boost your energy levels. They also contain various properties that can contribute positively to your strategy to lose weight quickly.

Thus we believe making these part of your diet will not only help make the quickest way to lose weight a success, it will also help boost your health levels and open the doors to a very healthy, and, hopefully, prolonged life.

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