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7 False Beliefs Affecting Your Effort To Lose Weight Quickly

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7 weight loss beliefs that can make it difficult for you to achieve success while on the quickest way to lose weight

There is so much information out there when it comes to weight loss. Unfortunately, many of the information out there have been distorted to suit various situations and conditions. Below are some false beliefs that could put your effort to lose weight quickly off track. Such beliefs, if not eradicated, could put your weight loss effort off track.

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Belief #1: All fat are bad

This belief was greatly emphasised by companies and people promoting low-fat and fat-free foods. As can be seen in the article, The Truth About Fats, not all fat are bad for your health. Studies show some types of fat may help put you on the quickest way to lose weight. Some can also help bring improvement to your health. The bottom line is, your body needs some fat to enable it to perform properly. Fat is also required by the body to protect various tissues.

According to Dr Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D. “Fat free eating does not insure weight loss”. The presence of fat in food can help promote satiety. Such fat can help suppress your hunger, help you eat less and therefore help you to lose weight permanently. Excluding fat from our diet completely could make us eat and take in more calories than our body requires. This could make us put on weight and not lose weight.

One fact that is unknown to many who chose to go the path of the fad diet is the high level of sugar content. To help make such low-fat and fat-free foods more edible, large amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners have to be added. Some also contain ingredients that many may question. As many of us are aware, any sugar that the body cannot convert to energy is converted and stored as fat in the body.

Apart from digging deep holes in your pocket, you also end up eating foods with low nutritional value when you go this route. This will mean depriving your body from some of the essential vitamins and nutrients that it requires


Find out more about what fats are good for the body as well as healthy fatty foods may help improve your health and also help push your weight loss efforts from here.

Belief #2: You can only lose eight quickly by starving or depriving yourself of food

Many falsely believe that the most effective way to lose weight is to forgo as much food as possible. Unfortunately, such a measure could in the long run contribute to the failure of your weight loss plans. In many cases, the effect of such a decision in the long-run will be the creeping back of the excess weight you managed to get rid of, and sometimes even more.

Many who go this route find out after a while that they are not able to continue depriving the body of food permanently. In addition, depriving the body of the essential nutrients could make you feel tired on many occasions. To help boost energy levels, many fall on snacks and others that are packed with unhealthy fat and sugar with high calorie content


Find out more about healthy foods that will keep you fuller for longer periods

Belief #3: High protein, low carb diets

Many people trying to lose weight quickly have fallen for the theory that carbs are bad. Thus, to them, quickest way to lose weight is to cut carbohydrates to the barest minimum and instead eat as much protein as possible. This theory seems to make sense to many.

Unfortunately, the end results for many who went or go this route doesn’t seem to back the theory.  By depriving the body of carbohydrates, the liver is forced to make sugar out of any available protein, including the muscles. This is in addition to the loss of water resulting from the drastic reduction in calories. Many lose weight, only to gain the weight back again within a short period. Losing muscle means the body is no longer able to burn fat efficiently.

According to a publication by the American School of Public Health,  women who adopted this weight loss strategy appeared to have no protection against various diseases including those associated with the heart, breast and colorectal cancers.


Muscles are required for the efficient burning of muscles. To lose weight safely and make the weight loss permanent, you should aim at burn fat and develop your muscles as one of your long-term weight loss strategy.

Belief #4: Effective weight loss requires intensive and demanding exercise strategy

This is one false belief that usually put people off. People falsely believe that you need to sign up to an expensive gym or engage the services of a private trainer, and then, go through a very rigorously exercise regime before you can lose weight.

To lose weight fast and make it permanent requires the adoption and commitment to a very active life. This will mean taking the necessary steps to incorporate some level of physical activity into your life.

Ideally, it is recommended all adults between 16 and 64 should take the necessary steps to have about 2 hours and 30 minutes of aerobic activity of moderate-intensity every week. Such activity could be cycling and walking very fast or briskly. Some level of muscle-strengthening activities are also recommended. Such activities that will help tone and build up all the major muscle groups including the legs, back, hips, chest, shoulders, abdomen and arms are also recommended. You will need to devote more hours to these activities if you are overweight.

None of the activities above require the use of expensive equipment or signing up to a gym. What is needed in many cases is to take up various pursuits that can help you burn more fat or calories than you take in. This can be achieved by combining an active lifestyle with a healthy diet plan and sensible eating.

Belief #5: The quickest way to lose weight is to go for foods with fat-free or low-fat labels

Many believe that all foods carrying low-fat and reduced fat labels have fewer calories and can help push their weight loss effort forward. A survey by Which? discovered that the calorie contents of many of these foods was very similar to their standard versions.

What to bear in mind is that being low in fat does not necessarily mean low in calories. This is very typical of many of such snacks. They contain high levels of sugar and other chemicals which tend to derail your effort to lose weight quickly instead of keep it on track.

Belief #6: Pre-packed weight loss programs and foods offer the better and reliable solution

Many of us have busy lifestyles and so we tend to fall on products that we believe will offer very quick solutions to whatever problems we face. And many companies have sprung up to meet demands of this nature. There are similar companies in the weight loss industry offering ready-made and pre-packed meals all with the goal to help put us on the quickest way to lose weight. Some of us may find this both time-saving and reliable solution. We believe the risks associated with this route far outweigh the benefits.

  1. First is the cost. You will have to stick to this pattern of eating for the rest of your life to make your weight loss permanent. Will you be able to afford that?
  2. Second is continuity. What happens if the company goes burst? What happens when your financial situation changes?

Any change in circumstances could mean the excess weight creeping back. Many of such companies do not take the necessary steps to offer you the level of support and education that will help keep the weight off.

Tip: A good knowledge on nutrition and how to prepare healthy and nutritious meals will help you with making better food choices. It will also help you save lots of money for your next holiday or shopping trip.

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Belief #7: You can rely solely or weight loss pills to lose weight quickly

There is no doubt that weight loss pills and supplements have a very important role to play on your effort to lose weight fast. And there are many of such supplements that go a very good job. However, you do not want to rely on such pills for life in order to keep your weight loss permanent.

Your decision to use weight loss pills should be seen as a temporally measure. Diet pills ought to be combined with an active lifestyle and a healthy diet regime. This will enable you to come off the pills once you have brought your weight within your desired levels. Taking such steps will make it possible for you to keep the excess weight off with a combination of healthy foods and regular exercise

Belief #8: You can lose weight quickly by staying away completely from snacks

This is another false belief. You don’t need to remove all snacks from you diet in order to put yourself on the quickest way to lose weight. In fact there are some snacks that can help make your weight loss strategy successful. Thus, it is the choices you make when it comes to snacks that matter. Fruits and peanuts are examples of snacks that contain fewer calories. Such snacks can keep you fuller for longer periods and can be used effectively to help keep the amount of calories you take in at lower down.

Conclusion: A diet strategy to help you lose weight quickly and make it permanent

Eat a range of fruits, vegetables beans and whole grains. Such foods can help supply your body with good levels of fibre without adding so much to your calorie count. They will also help provide the body with the needed nutrients and energy to enable it to function properly.

Combine healthy eating habits with an active lifestyle involving regular exercise on a daily and continuous basis. Feed the body with a healthy and nutritious diet, and you will have adequate energy to exercise and burn off the excess fat. This will set you on the road to the well-toned, healthy body of your dreams.

The quickest way to lose weight is the take the necessary steps to make sure you can continuously burn more calories than you take. Such a combination may help you lose weight quickly and safely. It will also help make your weight loss effort permanent, as long as you do not fall back into the old eating habits and lifestyle.

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