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7 Tips and Tricks to Lose Weight in Six Weeks

7 weight management strategies to help you lose weight quickly in 6 weeks

If you need to lose weight in six weeks, you have plenty of time to make noticeable changes. There are several weight loss strategies that you can put into motion today that can get you on your journey for losing weight quickly. Six weeks is a good time frame to jump start your weight loss journey. This is because by the end of six weeks, the changes you had made are now becoming a habit. You will find it easier to stick to the healthy changes so that you can either continue losing weight if you need to or maintain your results if you have no more weight to lose.

how to lose weight in 6 weeks

Tip #1: Take a Multivitamin Each Day

You will need to change your eating habits a lot to lose weight in six weeks. Thus taking a multivitamin will ensure that you are getting all of the important nutrients that your body needs. This gives you some insurance that you will not become deficient while you are removing certain foods from your diet and making healthier replacements. Some people also experience a feeling of fullness when they take multivitamins, helping them to eat less throughout the day which further promotes weight loss.

Tip # 2: For 12 Hours Every Day, Close Your Kitchen

One of the most important weight loss diet tips that can bring you weight loss success is to close your kitchen down. Eat dinner around 7:00pm each evening and then shut your kitchen down until 7:00am the next morning. This allows for intermittent fasting, a proven way to shed pounds relatively quickly. Make sure that what you eat for dinner will keep you full. Your meal should contain a mixture of protein, vegetables and whole grains for fiber. During the 12 hours you are fasting, drink plenty of water because dehydration can cause false hunger pangs and make you want to eat.

Tip # 3: Drink Water All Throughout the Day

When it comes to easy weight loss, you will find that water plays a major role. Remember that if you are thirsty, this can sometimes cause you to think you are hungry, resulting in overeating. Drinking plenty of water also helps to keep you full and satisfied in between meals. While water needs vary among individuals, the general recommendation is 64 ounces per day. Carry a water bottle around with you so that you can take sips throughout the day. You can use fresh fruit to flavor your water to make it more tasty and interesting.

Tip #4: Eat Healthy Appetizers Before Dinner

For many people, dinner or supper is usually the largest meal of the day and the meal that leads to most people overeating. A healthy appetizer can help you to reduce your calories by filling you up before you dig into your main dish. Your appetizer should be healthy and low in calories, such as a broth-based soup or a salad with low-calorie dressing. Once you eat your appetizer, wait 15 to 20 minutes for it to start digesting and then eat your dinner. You will naturally eat less since your body will already be  on the verge of being full.

Tip #5: Watch Your Portion Sizes, Except with Vegetables

When you are aiming to lose weight in six weeks, you will aim to reduce your portion sizes in order to decrease your caloric intake. However, when it comes to vegetables, you can do the opposite. Vegetables are naturally high in nutrients, but low in calories. They contain things like water and fiber to help you to feel full. Add vegetables to all of your meals and eat them before eating the other items on your plate. This will help you to eat less of the other foods while still getting the important nutrients you need.

Tip #6: Track What Your Eat Each Day

You need to know what you are eating to make the right changes. Keep a food journal where you write down everything that you eat or drink every day. Make sure that you write down the food, when you ate it, how you felt while eating it and the portion size. After the first week, you can analyze this journal and see where you need to make changes. For most people, the necessary changes could include reducing portion sizes and eliminating snacking in-between meals and before going to bed.

Tip #7: Start Your Day Off Right with a Healthy Breakfast

Not everyone may need breakfast to lose weight, but for most people, it is a must.  If you are aiming to achieve weight loss success in 6 weeks, then, you need the right mixture of food and nutrients in the morning to keep yourself satiated until lunch time.

A good breakfast option includes healthy fats, protein and fiber. For example, make oatmeal and toss in some nuts. This provides you with a dose of fiber and healthy fats. Get your protein from eating eggs and toss in some vegetables to add a dose of nutrients. This breakfast option is low in calories, but it has the nutrients necessary to keep you full for several hours.

Bonus Tip: Incorporate Regular Physical Activity Every Day

Many people do not like to exercise and you do not need a strict exercise plan to lose weight in six weeks. You simply need to get more physical activity each day to torch more calories and boost your metabolism. Take the stairs, go for a walk after dinner, park further from the store entrance or get outside to play with your kids. The key is to get moving more each day in ways that are simple and fun for you. When you are more active, you will start burning hundreds of calories more each day with little to no effort.

interval training for weight loss

Since you are working to lose weight in six weeks, you can use the first week to ease into your lifestyle changes. This can help alleviate the risk of abrupt changes being something that you will not stick to. You should also talk to your doctor during this time to ensure that all of these changes are healthy and ideal for you. The tips shared here are meant for more rapid weight loss and help you achieve weight loss success. Thus once you are done with the six weeks, you will need to readjust everything and keep working at your goals to help you stay on track and maintain your results.