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8 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Are You Striving To Lose Weight Quickly & Safely In A Week?

You are probably tired of fad diets and being told to do what your friends do to lose weight fast. The good news is that you can toss all of this advice out the window and just focus on eight things that are sure to help you shed those excess pounds quickly and safely.

lose weight fast image01These are all very easy to incorporate into your life and you will find that using even just one helps you to get a jump start on your weight loss journey.

Once you get used to one of these techniques, work another one into your day and you will see the excess weight coming off quickly.

Ditch the food scale

When it comes to portion control, there is no need to measure out all of your foods exactly. Portion control is about reducing how much you are eating.

So, if you currently have two rolls with your dinner, start by eating just one roll. When you are working on portion control, it is important to take it one step at a time. If you just start eating smaller portions of everything, you can feel deprived and this often results in a diet failing. Start small and gradually reduce your portions over a period of a few weeks to make it easier.

Stash some fruit

It is common to want something to munch on in between meals and fruit is the perfect option. There are sweet and tart fruits, making it easy to find one that helps you suppress your hunger and satisfies your cravings. You can also dip your fruit in a little peanut butter to add some saltiness and protein to the mix.

The fiber in fruit will keep you full until you are able to sit down for your next meal. You can chop up some fruits at night and then take them to work with you. Fruits are finger foods, making them easy to snack on throughout the day.

fruits image02Shake it up

Protein shakes are not just for bodybuilders because regular people can also use them to help them lose weight fast. You want to build lean muscle mass to help encourage weight loss and help you to maintain your results.

You need adequate protein to do this and since you are likely cutting down on things like red meats, you may also be unintentionally cutting some necessary protein from your diet. Replace this with a protein shake each day so that you get the protein and other nutrients that you need.

Set your limits

When you make meals and then prepackage them, this makes it easier to avoid overeating. Put your foods in different containers that work to portion them out perfectly. Your fruits and vegetables should be the largest container because you can really eat as much of these as you want and lose weight. Keep your lean proteins to approximately four ounces and your whole grains to about a half of a cup. This allows you to have a full and well-rounded meal that gives you everything you need in the right portions.

Brush your teeth

If you ate recently, but you have a craving to eat something, attend to your dental health instead. Take five minutes to brush and floss your teeth to distract yourself from wanting to eat when you are not truly hungry. Once you are done, that fresh minty taste in your mouth will help to deter you from eating. You will want some water so this may also help to encourage you to increase your water intake and this is also very important for weight loss.

Track your progress

There is no better way to lose weight steadily and safely than to keep track of your progress. Take pictures every two weeks and compare these to past photos so that you can see how far you have come. When you see your body changing in these photos, it makes it easy to keep going with your efforts. This is important because you often do not notice the more subtle changes in yourself that others do unless you have something to compare your progress to.

weight loss journal image01

There are many other ways to track your progress too and using a combination of progress tracking techniques is ideal. In addition to taking pictures twice a month, make sure that you also weigh yourself and take some measurements on a regular basis. How often you need to do this is completely up to you and it will depend on what you need to see to stay motivated. Just make sure that when you weigh yourself that you do it in the same place, at the same time each day and wearing the same clothes so that you get an accurate number.

Be mindful of liquid calories

Not paying attention to the calories you get via liquids is a common mistake people make when trying to lose weight within a short period. Ditching sodas, alcohol and other drinks that contain calories can help you lose weight fast because you are cutting hundreds of calories per day from your diet. You can have a drink with calories on occasion, but make sure to track these calories and only consume these drinks in moderation.

Always carry water

You should have a bottle of water with you at all times. When you are hydrated, you are less likely to eat when you are not hungry. You can flavor this water using fresh fruits and vegetables to make it more appealing. For example, add some fresh lemon and cucumber slices to your water so that it tastes fresh throughout the day.

lose-weight-fast-image03You can use all of these techniques with popular diet plans like Fat Loss Factor to enhance your weight loss effort. Since all of these techniques are quick and easy, you can choose to use all eight of them and this will only benefit you.

The above tips can greatly improve your effort to achieve weight loss success within a short period. Just make sure that you work them into your lifestyle gradually so that you are not dealing with a major lifestyle change at once. This is important because abrupt changes can harm your effort to lose weight fast and safely and actually leave you straying away from your efforts.