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Body Fuel Amino Blast

Provide the body with adequate essential amino acids to enable it to perform at the optimum level

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The basic components of proteins are amino acids and they are used by the body to perform virtually all its functions. Thus supplying the body with increasing amounts of amino acids can boost energy levels and enable it to perform a lot better.

Amino acid can usually be obtained from our diet. Such foods like white meat such as chicken and turkey, fish, lean beef, cheese, yogurt, eggs, beans and nuts are examples of high sources of protein and therefore good sources for amino acids.

Whilst the body can obtain amino acids naturally from our diet, the quantities obtained are in many cases less than the body requires. This is true especially when we pursue a very active life, exercise rigorously, workout intensively, etc. This raises the need to make up the shortfall through other means to enable the body to perform at the optimum level.

Body Fuel Amino Blast in an amino acid supplement produced with 18 different nutrients with the capability to provide the body with the required essential amino acids and nutritional benefits to enable it to perform as expected. It has the capability to help you to recover quickly and help the muscles to repair and grow quickly after intensive workout and strenuous exercise.

Body Fuel Amino Blast is also capable for of boosting your energy and concentration levels as well as your stamina to enable you to go the extra mile without suffering a fall in your energy levels.

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Major Benefits of Body Fuel Amino Blast

  • Capable of increasing the supply of amino acids to the body,
  • Capable of boosting your energy and concentration levels to make it possible for you to do more than you are usually capable of,
  • Capability to speed up the rate at which the body converts fat to energy 
  • Capable of helping with the dispersal and circulation of stored fat,
  • capable of putting you on the quickest way to lose weight by helping to get rid of any excess fat,
  • Can make it possible for you to workout intensively and for longer periods,
  • By converting the amino acid ‘Alanine’ into glucose in the liver, Body Fuel Amino Blast can quickly replace any used energy to enable you to continue performing
  • Can help with recovery from injury

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Main Ingredients

Whey Protein Concentrate (lecithin), Gelatine Shell


  • Body Fuel Amino Blast is of greatest benefit when taken just before or after intensive or strenuous exercise or activity.
  • It can also be beneficial when recovering from injury which is the time the body needs higher supplies of protein.
  • It can also be of great benefit to those who rely solely on plant-based diets for their nutrients. Body Fuel Amino Blast can make up any possible deficiencies.

Body Fuel Amino Blast will not only help you get access to essential amino acids, it can put you on the quickest way to lose weight by helping you get rid of excess fat.

With Body Fuel Amino Blast you can perform a lot better, workout longer and intensively and keep your weight loss effort on track.

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