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Body Fuel Ecdysterone

Body Fuel Ecdysterone

Develop lean muscles & reduce fat levels

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Main Benefits of Body Fuel Ecdysterone

  • May help increase the synthesis of protein,
  • capable of helping you burn fat,
  • may help repair muscles and help them grow quickly,
  • may help reduce tiredness,
  • may help improve stamina,
  • may help boost your energy and strength levels,
  • has no known side effects

Main Ingredients

L-Arginine, Alpha Keto Glutarate and Dicalcium Phosphate which is equal to 200mg of Ecdysterone in every tablet


It is an ideal choice for body builders and anyone with the aim to build muscles or turn fat into muscle


Body Fuel Ecdysterone is a natural and legal steroid with no known side effects. Taken as recommended, it may help the body to maintain the correct Nitrogen balance while at the same time increasing the synthesis of protein. By so doing the body can produce lean muscle tissue efficiently.

A study conducted in 1988 showed that Body Fuel Ecdysterone is capable of reducing fat levels by 10% while at the same time, increasing lean muscle tissue by 7%

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