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Choose The Best Carbs To Fit Into Your Weight Loss Plan

Identifying the best types of carbohydrates to help your weight loss effort is very vital if you aim to lose weight quickly

lose weight quickly image005The best source of energy to the body is through carbohydrates. This is because carbohydrates can be changed into glucose a lot quicker than proteins or fat. As much as carbohydrates (or carbs) can be converted quickly into glucose when digested, not all carbs are the same. Whist some carbs get digested very quickly, others may take a while to do so. Identifying the right type of carbohydrates to eat to help you meet your weight loss goal is very essential if you aim to lose weight quickly

If you aim to do body building or weight lifting, for example, it may not be good to have a meal of spaghetti or white bread just before your training. On the other hand, this type of meal may be fine, before a cross-country run. This paper attempts to identify the best carbs to give you the best source of energy to meet your weight loss goal.

Sportsman or sports woman

If you are into football or tennis, whole grain pasta and bread should be chosen over their refined counterparts. The refined versions though will put a spike in your energy levels, this will not last and you will find yourself struggling for energy after a short time.

Taking such carbs like sweets, electrolyte drinks and jaffa cakes during your game would help boost your glucose levels

Long distance running

If you are a marathon, cross-country or generally a long distance runner required to compete for a faster and longer period than other athletes, then you need to take in more carb fuel than normal. It is estimated endurance athletes get between 65-70% of their daily calories from carbs. For such athletes therefore, such complex carbs like whole grain which are full of fibre, in addition to fruits are highly recommended as these can boost the glucose levels in your muscles to keep you going

Strength training and Body building

strength trainingIf your aim is to build your muscles, grow biceps or get the 6 pack, then it will be advisable to eat a lot proteins as well as complex carbohydrates. To avoid losing energy, it is recommended you should aim at consuming 2 grams of complex carbohydrates like porridge, whole grain cereals and brown rice, per pound of body weight per day when doing strength training. Eating dried fruits just an hour before your workout can help raise your energy levels greatly

Cardiovascular activities

Cardio activities like running and cross-training can drain the glucose levels in your muscles, leaving you lacking alertness and energy. Thus car-heavy carbs are recommended if you undertake such activities. Foods like potatoes, pasta and rice will be of great value as you intensify your training. Your aim should be to get 60% of your calories from carbs, 25% from fat 15% proteins. Simple carbs from such foods like junk foods and fizzy drinks will do you no good. On the other hand, glucose gels, fruits and energy bars will be the best to replenish your energy levels

Between 20 and 60 grams of carbs per hour of exercise might be required depending on your level of intensity of your exercise


swimmingA lighter meal just before a long swim will put you in a good position to cope with this exercise. Carbohydrates are still important here. Ideally, go for pasta, potatoes or bread which tend to be very light on the stomach. Couscous, a complex carb are very effective in keeping your energy levels constant and giving you a healthy amount of protein throughout your swimming exercise

Aiming to consume between 50-60% of your calories from carbs if you are a swimmer could be a very good decision


If you are into biking, which involves spending long hours on the bike, then such foods as barley, green vegetables and lentils which are rich in slow-releasing carbs are what to go for. This will help release glucose slowly into your leg muscles. Having bran-based cereal or porridge for breakfast just after biking will help with sorting any problems that may occur with your calves and hamstrings and at the same time help you control any hunger pangs

Weight Lose

Having carbs as part of your diet even if you aim to lose weight quickly is very important. It is however vital to choose whole grains like wholemeal bread, brown rice and whole-grain pasta and avoid refined grains like white bread and white rice. Also remember to take them in reasonable quantities

Incorporate some of these ideas into your weight loss plan and you may find your weight loss effort going a lot smoother, putting you on the road to the quickest way to lose weight and giving you a lot more confidence to help you live life healthily

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