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Get Rid of These Weight Loss Diet Mistakes

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Your effort to lose weight fast is being pulled back by these diet mistakes

If you have been on a weight loss diet for a while without seeing any change when you stand on the scales, there could be a number of reasons. One of the reasons could be that some components of your diet plan could be letting you down.

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To lose weight quickly and make it permanent, you should be aiming at losing more calories than you take in. This can happen if you are aware of the amount of calories you are taking in and getting rid of. This, often, could be very difficult to estimate.

Thus experts believe that many who are on weight loss diet tend to unknowingly take in more calories than they actually need to. This article tries to identify some of the weight loss diet mistakes that could be contributing to your failure to lose weight fast.

Skipping breakfast

Breakfast is regarded as the most important meal of the day yet it is the one meal that many who are on the quickest way to lose weight tend to miss. Many wrongly believe that, they will be able to cut down their calories by missing breakfast.

By forgoing breakfast, you end up starving yourself. This raises the possibility of falling on unhealthy snacks and overeating during lunch and supper. Skipping breakfast also means depriving the body of the essential minerals and nutrients the you require to enable to perform efficiently. You end up feeling tired and sluggish with reduced levels of concentration.


Eating breakfast regularly as part of your weight loss plan can actually help you lose weight quickly. According to James O. Hill of the Center for Human Nutrition, University of Colorado, Center, “starting the day with breakfast is an important strategy to lose weight and keep it off”. According to the US National Weight Control Registry, people who include breakfast in their weight loss plan could end up losing 30 pounds or more every year.

Skipping other Meals

In addition to breakfast, it is necessary to treat every other meal as important. Many who are attempting to lose weight try to skip meals on the assumption that it will speed up their effort to lose weight fast. Skipping meals may help reduce your calorie intake for a few hours. However, you would end up overeating. This could also disorganize the body’s metabolism and will make it difficult for the body to burn fat, putting your weight loss effort into reverse gear.

Over reliance on fizzy and sweetened drinks

Apart from ordinary or plain water, most drinks contain some amounts of sugar and other ingredients that could do more harm to you weight loss diet than good. Fizzy drinks are one of the worst offenders. Fruit juices, some types of coffee could all contain various levels of calories, with some containing as many as 600 calories per serving.

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Many of the drinks that are marketed as diet drinks could contain high levels of calorie content that could blow your effort to lose weight quickly off course.  Most, if not all, will do you more harm than good.

We recognise the importance of water in any weight loss diet plan as it helps you to maintain a healthy body. Stick to plain water instead of the juices and fizzy drinks. Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice, for example, if you desire. You can also opt for green tea as well. Green tea is known to have the capability to help boost your metabolism, which could help push your effort to lose weight fast forward.

Your portion sizes could be contributing to your weight loss diet failure

Many of us tend to eat more than the body actually needs. We dish our foods into large plates which make it very difficult to estimate how much we have actually eaten. We also tend to eat very quickly which makes it impossible for the stomach to send the right signals to the brain. Thus, we end up eating more than we need before we feel like we are full.

Weight loss tips:

Eat from a smaller plate and eat at a slow plate. Start your meals with a low-calorie starter and sip water every now and then. It can help you reduce the amount of food you take in and also help reduce your calorie intake

Fat-free and low-calorie foods have different effects on your weight loss diet strategy

Many of us wrongly believe that food carrying fat-free labels will not make us fat. Unfortunately, this is not the case in many cases. In an attempt to improve the taste and flavour of these foods, producers and manufacturers add more sugar, other thickeners and ingredients. These could raise the calorie content of these foods to very high levels. By wrongly assuming that low-fat cakes and low-fat ice creams are “safe” to binge on every day could be one of your down falls.


Learn how to read and understand food labels. As part of your weight loss diet strategy, make it a regular habit to check the sugar and calorie levels of the food you buy. Keep a food journal to enable you to identify the healthy foods that will give you the best nutritional value and contribute to the improvement of your health. You are better off having a small cup of regular ice cream, once in a while if you can’t resist, than to have such fat-free foods on a regular basis.

Eliminating snacks completely may not be a smart move

Putting yourself on the quickest way to lose weight does not mean doing away with all snacks. In fact some snacks, such as peanuts can help you lose weight quickly. Including healthy snacks in your weight lose plan can help you suppress your hunger.

Healthy snacks could contain high levels of protein, fibre and vitamins. These can help boost your metabolism and also help you to maintain your energy levels in-between your main meals.


Some of these snacks could be high in calories. Thus, do not over eat. A small handful could be more than enough to boost your energy levels and help control your hunger pangs.

Believing all salads are healthy

Do you prepare your own salad or do you buy from the shops. Do you go to restaurants and order salads in large bowls thinking that they will not make you fat?

If you prepare your own salad, chances are you will be choosing and including healthy foods so you will be boosting your effort to lose the excess fat that is making you unhealthy.

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However, if you rely on commercially prepared salads and those from restaurants, these could contain high-calorie dressings, nuts, cheese and other high-fat foods. These calories could all add up and turn your weight loss diet strategy to a weight piling strategy.

Relying on crash diets

This is where overweight people try to lose weight quickly by drastically reducing their calorie intake. This usually happens when someone sets out to get rid of as much fat as possible, usually within a very short period, for example, for a wedding or holiday.

While this weight loss diet strategy may be effective in the short-term, they do not usually provide permanent results. It could also be harmful to your health and well-being. Most crash diets cut down your calorie intake to very unsafe levels and also eliminate certain food groups. This makes the nutritional value of such diet plans very questionable and could affect your health in the long-term.

Most people who go on a crash diet are known to regain the lost weight within a very short period. In addition the restrictive nature of such diets makes it very difficult to stick to them permanently.


To lose weight quickly and make it permanent, take the necessary steps to stick to a healthy balanced diet plan instead of resorting to crash diets. A healthy weight loss diet will ensure your body obtains all the essential nutrients, proteins and minerals that it requires. Combine this with regular exercise and you will be setting yourself for permanent weight loss.

Failing to keep a Weight loss diary

One of the essential elements of any weight loss plan is to keep a food diary that will make it possible for you to record the components of your healthy diet. Without a reliable and detailed weight loss diary, you will lose track of what you are eating. This will open the doors to the possibility of taking in more calories than you need, leading to failure.

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Keep records of all the foods you eat, as well as whatever you drink. A food diary will help you do that. Review your entries at the end of each week. This will make it possible for you to identify problems and find solutions to them before your effort to lose weight quickly turns into failure.

If you are not seeing any good results, the start making some changes to your weight loss diet plan, bearing in mind the points we have raised above. you could be taking the necessary steps to making your effort to lose weight quickly a success. Achieving the lean, healthy body of your dreams could become a reality.

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