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Healthy Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight Quickly

Healthy foods that can put you on the quickest way to lose weight

healthy foods image05Two of the first things that come into our minds when we feel unwell are either to reach for the medicine cupboard or to book an appointment to see a health practitioner. Thus to many of us, having and maintaining good health and taking any preventive measures fall on either pills or the doctor. These are the facts and the tools available to many of us. Unfortunately, this should not be the case.

Many of us may have heard the statement “You are what you eat” on so many occasions. Regrettably, many of us have never paid attention to the real meaning of the phrase.

We hear many stories of people falling sick and even dying as a result of eating a particular food or meal. This is because they get exposed to a certain disease or to the risk of a certain disease as a result of their diet. In effect, what we eat has a very big influence on our health.

Do you know what you eat can either make you healthy of make you sick?

The importance of a good, balanced and healthy diet, composed of many of healthy foods cannot be overemphasized enough. Our appearance, our ability to fight various diseases and our capability to prevent certain diseases can all be affected by our diet. Thus by taking the necessary steps to make sure that we are constantly eating healthy foods, we will be able to cut the risk of various diseases, including those known to affect the heart and the lungs. The possibility of getting cancer or heart failure can greatly be reduced just by opting for a healthy diet.

health foods graphic01A heathy diet will

  • provide the body with all the minerals and vitamins it requires.
  • help with the development of the cells of the body,
  • boost our energy levels to ensure that we can perform at our best, boost the body’s metabolism to help it burn more fat, and
  • help us to maintain or weight at a healthy level or help us to lose weight quickly.

In the same vein, if your effort to lose weight quickly has not given you the desired results, or if you have being trying various weight loss diets without seeing a permanent fall in your weight, then there might be the need to go back to basics.Going back to basics should include identifying exactly what you are eating and how that is affecting your weight and your health. Being able to identify what foods are regarded as healthy and adopting these as part of your lifestyle will help make sure that your road to the quickest way to lose weight is smooth.

The question then is what are the healthy foods and what benefits do these healthy foods give us?

Healthy foods that can help you lose weight quickly and ensure your good health


lettuce image01Lettuce is vegetable with high levels of water but low-calorie levels. 100 grams of fresh lettuce may contain just about 15 calories. It also contains high levels of Vitamin A and beta-carotene. Both are known for their high antioxidant activity. This means they can slow down the oxidation of other molecules. Thus, by including lettuce in your list of healthy foods, you can help get rid of free radicals and other toxins. The risk of various types of cancer, as well as, diseases of the heart and lungs will reduce considerably.

Lettuce is also rich in vitamin K. This means it can help resolve issues related to blood clots and the development of strong bones.

Vitamin C and folate can also be found in reasonable quantities in lettuce. These can help promote the synthesis of good DNA. Vitamin C can also help with the development of the immune system, cardio diseases and problems associated with prenatal health


quickest way to lose weight image05Celery has high levels of water and has very low-calorie levels. It is also an alkaline ph vegetable. The meaning of this is that it can

In addition, apegenin, an active compound in celery is known to have the ability to help cut the risk of ovarian cancer.

Another active compound in celery, phthalides is known to have the ability to regulate the muscles of the arteries regulating blood pressure. In effect, celery can

  • help reduce blood pressure, and can also
  • help reduce the stress hormones that cause the narrowing of blood vessel.


Grapefruit may not be the favourite of many due to its bitter taste. Grapefruit however, contains naringenin, which is a chemical known for its high antioxidant properties. It

  • has the ability to feed on free radicals,
  • has anti-inflammatory properties,
  • promotes the metabolism of carbs, and
  • helps improve immune system.

Grapefruit is also a very good source of various nutrients. Such nutrients as vitamin C, potassium, fibre and pectin can all be found in reasonable quantities in the fruit. The antioxidant effects of pectin, in particular, have been discussed in this article. Some these nutrients are also known to have the ability to play a part in the protection of the cells of the body from damage, as well as, helping to reduce cholesterol levels.

Grapefruits can also help prevent cold and have a very positive effect on sore throats as well


lose weight quickly image08Chilli contains capsicum which is a popular ingredient used in a number of weight loss supplements. Capsicum has the ability to speed up a natural process that converts food to heat very quickly. By this diet-induced thermogenesis, carbohydrates in our diet get used up quickly. The body is put in a better place to burn more calories helping you to lose weight quickly.

Studies by some Canadian researchers and published in the British Journal of Nutrition, for example, confirms the ability of chilli to suppress appetite and to trick the mind that the food contains more fat than it really has. Thus adding more chilli to low-fat diets could help reduce the desire for oils. All these can help boost your weight loss effort.

Other healthy foods that can help you lose weight quickly


This is a very good source of Vitamin C and calcium


These contain high levels of pectin and Vitamins A and C. Apples can

  • help to lower cholesterol levels
  • help reduce the rick of cancer

oranges image1Oranges

  • Can make it difficult for you to catch flu or cold.
  • Can also help with the prevention of various types of cancer.


Can help boost your ability to fight cancer and are also very good for the eyes.


  • Taking half an onion a day can help lower cholesterol levels.
  • It can also help people suffering from problems related to breathing and asthma.
  • They can also pay a significant role in helping to reduce the possibility of getting strokes and/or heart attacks.
  • They also play a good role in helping the body fight stomach cancer in particular, as well as other types of cancer


Beans are a very good source of proteins and fibre and are also very effective in fighting prostate cancer

salmon image1Salmon

  • It is one of the best fatty fish for a healthy diet.
  • It has high levels of omega-3 fatty acid which can help prevent diseases of the heart.
  • It is believed eating salmon once a week can help lower the risk of getting a heart attack by about 50%


Seaweed, which is obtained from the sea has large amounts of iodine and various vitamins including iron, calcium and magnesium.

  • It is one of the many healthy foods with the ability to fight cancer.
  • The thyroid glands use iodine to make hormones.
  • It can also help with fertility levels in women.
  • It can also help increase the body’s ability to prevent the occurrence of certain cancers, including breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.


garlic imge01The health benefits of garlic have been known for centuries and is still regarded as one of the healthy foods to be included in any healthy diet. The health benefits of garlic will be the subject of another article at a later date. However, it may be worth noting that garlic can help with the prevention of many types of diseases, including those related to the heart and the lungs, such as heat failures, and cancer.

We hope this list will help you to start making the right choices for your diet plans to help put you on the quickest way to lose weight. The listed foods can help you burn more calories, help you to prevent various diseases, and help you to live a healthy life.

We are aware there are a lot more healthy foods that we haven’t listed here. We will be happy to know what you can add to the list above to make it complete. We will be happy for you to use the form below for your comments and your recommendations.

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