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High Grade Whey Protein 80

Pure, high quality & high-grade Whey Protein 80

Whey Protein Isolate 80 to help you build lean muscles and boost your metabolism

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Classification: Protein Supplement
Guarantee: 60 Days
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Available Flavours

Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla
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Whey Protein 80 is a very popular supplement for body builders and those with the aim to add bulk and size. Containing amino acids, it is capable of helping the muscles to rebuild and grow. It can also help in the development of the immune system and has antioxidant properties.

Main benefits of Whey Protein Isolate 80

  • Capable of helping in the development of lean muscles,
  • capable of regulating the secretion of hormones,
  • has the capability to boost the metabolism,
  • contains over 80% protein per serving, 
  • capability to help with recovery after a workout,
  • capable of helping with the transportation of nutrients to and from the cells of the body,
  • incredible amino acid profile

Main Ingredients

Isoleucine,  Valine,  Leucine, Theronine, Trytophan, Lysine, Methionine


Whey Protein 80 contains an exact blend of amino acid that has been proved to give the required support to muscles and help them recover fuller and stronger after a workout. By so doing you are able to work out a lot faster. Your muscles also become noticeably larger, bulkier and firmer

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