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How to Lose Weight Fast in a Week

Tips To Help You Lose Weight Quickly & Safely In A Week

If you have something important to do in a week and you want to look your best, you may need to drop a few pounds. It is possible to lose a few pounds in a single week and the results are noticeable.

how to lose weight fast

Whether you need to fit into a great outfit for a date or you have a major job interview, a little discipline and some changes to your daily routine could be enough to help you get rid of some of your excess weight. Since you only have a week, it is important that you start immediately and make major changes at once. Start with the suggestion below and you’ll come to realise that how to lose weight fast in a week may not be a difficult question to answer

Focus on mostly water for beverage

When you need to lose weight fast in a week, you need to ditch those liquid calories and focus on hydrating yourself. When you are drinking mostly water, you are cutting out at least a few hundred calories and this makes a huge difference when you are trying to drop a few pounds quickly. Getting plenty of water is also important for helping to reduce water weight, another critical factor in helping you to shed some pounds and look as slender and toned as possible in a week’s time.

Get rid of all white pasta and bread

All white grains need to go when you are trying to lose weight quickly in a week. These foods provide little nutrition and the type of carbohydrates that they contain can leave your belly bloated and uncomfortable. These carbohydrates are ones that your body is able to quickly digest and this factor can also hinder your weight loss effort. When your body quickly digests food, you are going to feel hungry again in a short period of time. Stick with whole grains to feel full for longer and to prevent the bloating and other digestive upsets that come with white grains.


Do cardiovascular exercise every day

You need to burn as many calories as possible and there is no better way to do this than an intense session of cardiovascular exercise.

Even if you are new to exercising, there are workouts you can do to elevate your heart rate and start torching some calories.

If you are new to physical fitness, do intervals where you jog for 15 to 30 seconds and then walk for 60 seconds. Alternate doing these intervals for 30 minutes and you will burn at least 200 to 300 calories in a single session. All of your cardio sessions should be at least 30 minutes.

Get some caffeine before your workout

While you will be drinking mostly water during this week, the one exception is a small cup of black coffee approximately 60 minutes before your cardio workout. When you drink coffee before your workout, you help to energize your body so that you are able to complete a full 30 minute workout without the need for breaks. It also gives you enough energy to give your workout all you have so that you are able to burn the maximum amount of calories during that 30 minute session each day.

Every other day lunges and push ups can help you burn more fat

Cardio exercise is critical to burning calories and meeting your goal of losing weight quickly in a week. However, you also need to give your muscles a little love and doing lunges and crunches every other day is the best way to do this.


Push ups target your back and upper body and lunges target your backside and lower body. Both are helpful for your core muscles. Make sure that you are doing 36 of each exercise every other day so that your body is able to rest in between sets, allowing for optimal muscle recovery.

Get some more sleep

Believe it or not, staying in bed a little bit longer each day can actually help to promote weight loss. Your body needs to rest and recover for you to enjoy optimal health. Research also shows that when you get plenty of rest, you are more likely to make good food choices so that you can lose weight quickly.

It does not matter how much sleep you are getting per night right now. You simply want to add 30 minutes to this time to ensure that your body is rested and that you are making the best choices possible when it comes to the foods you are eating during the day.

Sacrifice a single food

Think of the most fattening and calorie-laden food that you enjoy regularly and remove it from your diet for a week. This is relatively easy to do and you are only giving it up for a week. When you skip eating this food for seven days, you are saving yourself at least a few hundred calories, but in some cases, you are cutting over a thousand calories from your weekly intake. This makes a big difference when you are trying to shed a few pounds in such a short amount of time. While you are only required to cut one, if you can cut more without deprivation, this will only help you.

Quick tips to help you lose weight fast in a week

Once you reach the end of the week, there are a few other things you can do to ensure that you look as slim as possible. Things like wearing a great pair of skinny jeans, standing up straighter and practicing proper posture become a lot easier to do.

As you can see, these are a lot of changes that you need to make, but none are very difficult. You are only doing this for a week, so if you are worried about willpower, it should not be an issue. If you feel yourself losing motivation mid-week, take a few minutes to remember why you need to lose the weight fast and this will generally help you to get back on track. If you decide that you want to lose more weight after the week is up make sure that you adjust this plan so that it works for long-term weight loss success.