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How To Lose Weight Fast Using A Solid Foundation

Laying a solid foundation could help you lose weight quickly and permanently

lose weight fast graphic01If you’re looking for a way to lose weight quickly, it can be tempting to fall on one of the many quick-fix diet plans that are out there. While you may feel that they can offer you hope in losing the weight quickly, the question is whether they will support you in the long-run and whether they will provide you with all the help and knowledge to enable you to keep the weight off for good

It could be very confusing when you consider the many options that are out there for promising to help you lose weight fast. Apart from the many quick-fix fad diets, there are also the possibility of opting to take diet pills, trying a colon cleanse or body cleanse or even a fast, or going for more extreme measures like surgery.

Making the right decision always comes to the question of what is right for you. In many cases, your current medical condition, your current weight, your level of motivation and your goals are some of the factors that will go to determine the best weight loss strategy for you. While the final decision will usually be an individual solution, for the majority of us, getting back to basics might be the way to go. If you take the necessary steps to create the right foundation for weight loss, then, you stand a very good chance of taking the excess weight off and keeping it off for good.

Think of what you can manage for the long-term

10 weight loss tips to help you shed excess fat and keep it offInstead of opting for a diet plan that will serve you for a couple of months and then fade away, you might want to resist that temptation. The initial question to ask yourself is whether the given method that you are going for is something that you can see yourself doing or implementing for the next six months and beyond. If you can’t see yourself restricting yourself to eating just some few foods, writing down everything you eat, or depriving yourself on any level, then, such a weight loss plan may not be the proper long-term strategy. In such a situation, opting for such a weight loss strategy, just on the basis of getting some quick results would only leave you disappointed in the long-run.

Setting the right foundation to help you lose weight quickly and keep you healthier for the long-term

Instead of focusing on what you need to cut out to help you lose weight fast  and keep it off as suggested by some fad diet proponents, it might be a good idea to take a serious look at what you are being asked to give up. A very good understanding of nutrition, healthy eating, and the meaning of food labels will all help you answer this better.

Drastically cutting calories, skipping meals, using meal replacement methods, or keeping foods off-limits could hurt you and your health in the end. If the foods you are big asked to do away with are required by the body to function properly, then, you could be doing yourself more harm than good.

Again, if you find the temptation of falling back into old habits too much to resist, then, you need to be mindful that deprivation will work against you and cause you to cheat—thus causing you to gain the weight back very quickly. Developing the right mind set for permanent weight loss could be a very good starting foundation.

Developing and adopting the right mind set will help you control and get rid of any bad habits you may have and at the same time make it possible for you to adopt a new and healthy lifestyle, Adopting a new and healthy lifestyle will also mean taking the necessary steps to control your weight for the long-term

One of the many causes of weight gain is lack of physical activity, Thus any attempt to lose weight quickly and keep the weight off for good should also include strategies that will enable you to get active,

lose weight quickly image010 In order to lose weight for the long-term there is the need to create and maintain a challenging workout regimen. You need to incorporate strength training and cardio to help burn fat and build muscle. You also need to focus on variety to keep the body guessing—that’s how to get the results to continue. A mixture of various exercises, including brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing, various sporting activities and some of the activities you could adopt and incorporate into your lifestyle to enable you to burn any unwanted fat and keep the fat off for good.

Another important element is the need to eat the right foods. This is because adopting a healthy diet will always play a huge role in your desire to lose weight fast. Your goal should be to eat healthy and nutritious foods. This could mean doing away with many of the processed foods that cause more harm than good o your body. Whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, and whole grain breads, lean proteins, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and good fats are some of the foods to consider.

Eating smaller meals with shorter intervals between them will go a long way to keep your hunger pangs at bay. Thus, plan your meal in such a way that you will end up having 4 or even 5 smaller meals a day, instead of 2 large meals.

Allow Yourself Treats and Focus on Portion Control

Your next strategy is to focus on portion control. Many of us do not realise how much we are eating due to the fact that we serve our food in very large plates. To avoid this, opt to dish your food into a smaller plate. This will help you keep a tab on your portions.

Losing weight does not necessarily mean never enjoying some of our favourite treats. Of course you can. If these are taken in reasonable portions—say one ounce of dark chocolate for example at a time or per week or so, the chances of these derailing your weight loss goals are very little. Making something or some types of food completely off-limits in your mind could only create the opposite effect. You could end up wanting it badly. This is where you will end up cheating and eating more than you would have in the first place.

It is also very important to develop the right attitude to weight loss. You need to feel good about the measures that you are taking. Be both mentally and physically invested in your workout routine. Have a very good feel about the foods that you shop for and prepare to keep you motivated throughout the week. One important thing to remember is the fact that you are doing everything to enable you to lose the weight once and for all in order to get healthier and raise your level of confidence and self-esteem

Regard the lifetime changes as something to feel good about

feel good image 01Losing weight and keeping the weight off would, often, go at a slower pace than you may expect. But if you lay the right foundations and follow processes that give you the right results it would find it as a worthwhile investment into your well-being in the long-run. Laying the right foundation will greatly go a long way to help you get rid of the unhealthy fat at the right rate, and also ensure that you keep it off. It will help you make this your new norm and make feel good about it.

Thus, while the many quick-fix weight loss methods out there may sound tempting, it might be worth staying away from them. Not only will they cause you to fall off track and gain the weight back, but they will also work against your health as well.

Any attempt to lose weight fast should be seen as lifelong commitment of being healthy. This is something you will appreciate when you experience it and adjust your life to it. Looking at weight loss in such a way would help to ensure that you succeed in taking the weight off the right way, and enjoy life while doing so.

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