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Lose Weight Quickly Exercising With No Equipments

You can exercise with no equipments and still lose weight quickly

With the economic hardships that many people are currently facing, continuing with your gym membership could be one of your least options. Many of you have, in fact, cancelled or, decided not to renew your gym membership in a bid to save some cash. Exercising is however a very important routine that everyone needs to build into their lifestyle in a bid, not only to lose weight quickly but also to keep living healthily.

You will be surprised to learn that you don’t need to go to the gym or even buy any equipments before you start your journey to the quickest way to lose weight with exercises. So, why don’t you turn on the music and, or, the telly, and start your journey to the quickest way to lose weight by burning some fat without any equipments.

Dancing can help you lose weight quickly

Dancing, apart from being fun, can lift your spirit and can have a very positive effect on the heart. Dancing can

  • exercise you body
  • improve blood circulation,
  • burn calories, and
  • improve your stamina.

Depending on the level of intensity, dancing can help you burn between 5 and 10 calories every minute. For the quickest way to lose weight, go for Zumba or Latino dance.

Dancing can also help to prevent and treat, osteoporosis, which could be a serious worry in women especially after menopause.Dancing can also help prevent arthritis by lubricating the joints

Jogging in place can boost your weight loss effort

quickest way to lose weight image001If you can’t go jogging outside, why don’t you do it at home whilst watching telly or listening to music? Don’t forget to put on a good pair of shoes, if you are worried about the stress it will put on your legs. Jogging, apart from being good for the heart, can help you burn more calories as it increases your metabolism. This is an effective way to lose weight quickly.

Jogging can also help raise your fitness and strength levels, making it easier for you to undertake more activities and subsequently burn more calories, making your weight loss effort a lot easier

Jumping Jacks and weight loss

Jumping jacks, just like jogging, are one of the exercises associated with cardiovascular or cardio workouts. Like all cardio exercises, Jumping jacks are very good for the heart, as it raises your heart rate.

Jumping causes you to breathe deeply, causing more oxygen to get into your bloodstream and your muscles. The effect is a stronger heart and also the strengthening of your lungs, increasing their capabilities.

Jumping jacks also

  • boosts your metabolism,
  • help you burn more calories, and therefore
  • help you to lose weight quickly.

In addition, jumping jacks can also

  • help increase your energy levels,
  • reduce your stress levels, and also
  • help you sleep better

Lose weight quickly with push-ups

weight loss image001Push-ups generally concentrate on the muscles in your upper body and can therefore help you build up strength in your forearms, upper arms, wrists, chest and shoulders.

Push-ups are a great way of getting you in shape and keeping you there. They push you to physical exhaustion and force the heart to work harder and pump blood faster. The effect is to increase your metabolism, making it possible for you to burn more fat and more calories and therefore help you lose weight quickly.

Tone your muscles with squats

Squats can help tone all the major muscles of the body, including your thighs, lower back, legs and your abdominal muscles. You burn calories with squats, helping you get rid of excess fat, giving you a slimmer and attractive body. Adding some weights will also help tone up the muscles in the arms and also burn a lot more calories

Squatting will also make you more flexible and strengthen the muscles of your heart and lungs

Benefits of Walking

You don’t always have to do this outside. When the weather gets bad, go up and down the stairs a few times, and use the stairs whenever possible instead of the lift or escalator.

Walking can help the body burn fat, helping your weight loss effort. It is estimated walking for about two miles a day, three times a week can help you reduce your weight by about half a kilo every three weeks

Boost your weight loss effort with supplements

To lose weight quickly or to complement your weight loss effort, why not combine these exercises with a healthy diet and diet supplement like Proactol. Such a combination will

  • help you lose weight quickly,
  • give you a healthy, slimmer and attractive body,
  • raise your confidence levels and
  • help you live life healthily


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