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Tips For Making Your Weight Loss Permanent

Make your weight loss permanent by making the changes in your attitude and lifestyle long-lasting

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One most difficult challenges of losing weight, is what happens after you have managed to shed all those excess fat and acquired the body you had always dreamt of. For many people, they lose weight quickly only to find the excess weight gradually creeping back. Being able to deal with this situation to ensure that your weight loss efforts don’t go to waste will be the key to how permanent your weight loss will be.

The secret to making any weight loss permanent will depend upon

  • whether you have a plan to deal with the situation;
  • whether you fall into the temptation of going back to your old habits;
  • your beliefs; and
  • how you attach yourself to food.

If you have succeeded with your weight loss goal, and you are contemplating on how best to make it permanent, then these tips are designed to help you do that.

Take responsibility for your actions

Reaching your ideal weight is not a license to eat what you want whenever you want it. You should always remember to act responsibly. Eating too many treats, for example, will only pull the excess weight back. When you realise you are in such a situation take steps to rectify the situation before things get out of hand

To make your weight loss permanent, only eat when you are hungry, and stop when you feel satisfied

If you are one of those who

  • eat out of boredom,
  • eat at a certain fixed times, say supper at 6pm,
  • try to finish your plate because you have paid for it, or
  • find it rude to refuse food, then it’s time to examine yourself.

If you intend to lose weight quickly and make the weight loss permanent, it is very important to only eat when you really feel hungry and stop eating when you are satisfied, and not necessarily, when you are full

Make exercise a permanent feature of your life

quickest way to lose weight image009Regular exercise especially strength training is one of the most effective ways of keeping your weight at an acceptable level permanently. Strength training helps to keep your metabolic rate at a very high level at all times and also make it easier for you to add carbohydrates into your diet.

Make exercise fun

Instead of spending hours in the gym staring at all those boring equipments, why not introduce some fun into your fitness regime? Have you tried Zumba dancing? Why not give it a go and see how much fun you will have whilst burning calories at the same time

Watch how quickly you eat

It takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to send signals to the brain that it is full. Eating quickly means that you will end up eating more than necessary before the brain gets the require signal.

By eating slowly, the stomach is able to send the right signals to the brain at the right time enabling you to stop eating at the right time. Aside, you might find your food a lot more enjoyable when you slow down when eating; whilst gradually chewing your food releases enzymes that help improve digestion

Making your weight loss permanent is not only about your diet, but also how much change you can incorporate into your lifestyle. Follow these tips to make your weight loss permanent and continue enjoying your

  • newly found confidence,
  • newly acquired slimmer body and
  • enjoy living a happier and healthy life

One final tip to make your weight loss permanent

For a permanent weight loss

  • Use Pure Acai Berry Max to detox your body to cleanse your system of the poisonous toxins, and

  • Use Capsiplex to suppress your appetite and help you burn any excess fat .

This combination will

  • help you lose weight quickly
  • make your weight loss permanent,
  • give you a slimmer healthy body,
  • raise your level of confidence and
  • help you live life healthily



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