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Quickest Way to lose Weight And Make It Permanent – Setting your Goals

Setting the right goals to put you on the quickest way to lose weight permanently

quickest way to lose weight image002Many people attempt to go on the quickest way to lose weight without knowing exactly what they want. They set no targets, set no goals and set no deadlines. In effect, they make the decision, without knowing exactly what they want to achieve.

Without setting any weight loss goals, without setting any monthly or yearly targets, and without setting any firm deadlines indicating exactly what you want to achieve and at what time, you have no means of measuring your success. This is one of the many reasons many who start the journey to the quickest way to lose weight never succeed. To many therefore, how to lose weight quickly is more of an illusion or dream than reality.

For any weight loss strategy to succeed, it is very important to have clear objectives. This is your first step. Without this, you will be moving about in a blind state. It is worth remembering, you cannot hit a target that you cannot see. So, if you are looking to get rid of all the excess fat, and you haven’t set your goals, it would be worth stopping now and then start working on your weight goals.

Helping you set your weight loss goals

Aim to consume fewer calories every day

Aiming to consume fewer calories does not mean starving yourself. You could end up achieving the opposite. What this means is that you should aim to reduce the amount of calorie intake. This might mean reducing the volume of food you eat and reducing your heavy reliance on high calorie foods like sugar and fries. Whilst we accept that it might mean a change in long-term habits, it is worth accepting that there is always a price to pay to enable us to obtain what we are looking.

Aiming to reduce the amount of calorie intake could be done on a gradual basis. For example, if you take 3 sugars in your tea or coffee, you can start by taking 2 and then reduce that further with time. It will take a while before getting your body to adjust to the changes. However, with time, it will. I used to take 3 sugars in my tea. Now I take none. It took a while for me to get used to that and you can do that too if you decide to. You just have to set you mind to it

Adopt an active lifestyle

how to lose weight quickly image001There is no hiding from the fact that some form of exercise is necessary if you want your journey to the quickest way to lose weight to be a permanent one. Whilst there are various diet pills and weight loss supplements that will help you lose weight quickly without exercise, it might be worth looking at such measures as short-term solutions rather than as long-term ones.
We would strongly suggest that once you reduce your weight to acceptable limits through with the help of weight loss drinks and appetite suppressants, you should aim at reducing your reliance on these by adopting a sensible lifestyle and diet to make the weight loss permanent

It is worth noting that you do not need a gym membership to become active. And you do not need to pay for a personal trainer as well. Being active does not mean pumping iron or going through strenuous exercises.

  1. Do you get the milk or newspaper delivered every morning? How about walking down the road or to the corner shop to pick either of these up yourself?
  2. How far is your child’s school? If you do the school run in the car, how about walking to the school with him or her, especially, whenever the weather is good.
  3. How about leaving your car whenever possible and using the bike instead, especially when doing a local trip? or,
  4. How about using the stairs instead of the escalator or lift when gong up and down the various office and shopping buildings.
  5. Some of us who have found it difficult to adopt such activities as jogging etc have found lots of success and fun by joining various active groups, including dance classes. You could end up meeting your life partner at such places, who knows?
  6. Many local authorities have Active Centers with swimming pools etc. Membership cost of such centers are very low and could contribute greatly to giving you a very active lifestyle making any weight loss a successful and also permanent thing.

Do not ignore the amount of fluid you take

weight loss image002Drinking water has lots of benefits. Water helps the digestive system to function properly. Water also helps boost the metabolism and therefore help you burn more fat. Thus drinking water on a regular bass will ensure you keep your weight loss effort on track and also help you make it permanent. Thus making it one of your goals to have a regular intake of water is very essential.

To help reduce the amount of food you eat at a time, try drinking a glass of water just before meals. It is one of the simplest tricks you can adopt to help you reduce your calorie and food intake if you are looking to lose weight quickly and make it permanent.

Why not adopt some or all these as part of your weight loss goals? We do not believe your journey to the quickest way to lose weight will succeed without these.

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