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The Real Truth About Carbohydrates and Weight Loss

Learn the truth about carbs to help you lose weight quickly

carbohydrates-image1A meal or diet composed mainly of carbohydrates is one of the best diets to fully satisfy your hunger and appetite. Conversely, a diet that has a low carbohydrate base can lead to weight loss. While both facts are true, each of these carries some level of health risk.

Eating too many carbohydrates or carbs (for short) on a continuous basis could lead to overweight and obesity as the body could end up storing more fat than it requires. In the same vein, cutting out cabs from your diet completely would mean depriving the body of some of the nutrients and vitamins it needs to enable it to work properly. This is a problem that many face. If it is not advisable to cut carbs complete from your diet and it is also not a good idea to eat more carbs, then how do you decide how much carbohydrates you need to eat?

One reasonable answer to this question is to know what type of carbohydrates to eat to suit your circumstances. Understanding what carbohydrates are, the role they play and the types available, will help you decide what and how many to eat. Thus, if you are aiming to put yourself on the quickest way to lose weight, this knowledge will help you to make the best decisions to fit into your weight loss goals

The basic facts about carbohydrates

Carbs are seen as a main supplier of energy to the body. Once eaten, either in the form of sugary or starchy foods, the body turns a large portion of them into sugar or glucose. This is then used by the body cells, such as the muscles and the brain as fuel to help them function as expected. Any glucose that is not used immediately is stored as glycogen in the muscles and the liver to be used in the future or turned into fat and stored for the long-term.

Why are carbs so important

Source of energy for the body

They provide the body with the energy it needs to enable it to work normally. Breathing, movement, reproduction and the circulation of blood all need energy to take place and most of this energy is obtained from carbs. In addition, the muscles, skeletons the brain and the spinal cord, for example, all need energy. The brain, for instance, rely greatly on energy from carbs. Without this energy,the availability of glucose through the blood to help us with the learning and thinking processes reduce considerably

carbs image1Can promote weight loss

They play a very big role in any weight loss strategy. By making low carb starchy foods as part of our diet, we are able to increase the supply of fibre to the body. A high fibre diet can physically fill you up. Fibre also takes longer to digest. This means it can keep you fuller for longer periods. By so doing, your desire to eat is reduced considerably, making you eat less, helping with your effort to lose weight

Can promote good health

In addition to helping you lose weight quickly, fibre can also help to keep the bowels healthy, help to stop the onset of constipation and can also help reduce cholesterol levels. Thus, it is strongly recommended we should be eating about 18 grams of fibre every day

Sources of Carbohydrates

Carbs can be obtained from various sources. The most common sources include vegetables, fruits, grains, beans and dairy products

Types of Carbs

Carbs can be broken into three main types depending on their food value and structure:

Simple carbohydrates

weight loss image07These are made up of just one or two sugar units that are simple enough for the body to turn very easily and quickly these into glucose which then enter the bloodstream at a similar rate; that is, very quickly and easily. Honey, sugar, jams, candies, jellies soft drinks and juices are all very good examples of simple carbohydrates.

It is worth noting that though fruits contain simple carbohydrates, they also have high levels of essential minerals, vitamins, water and fibre. In the same vein, dairy products such as milk contain calcium, proteins and other important nutrients as well as simple carbohydrates.

Studies have shown that some of the food belonging to this group of carbohydrates can cause a big increase in the levels of blood glucose. In so doing, more insulin is released from the pancreas. The result is a boost in appetite levels which could lead to the storage of more fat.

Complex carbs

These are made up of more than two sugar units. Due to their composition, the body takes a while to break these down. They also enter the bloodstream at a very slow rate. The amount of insulin secretion resulting for complex carbs is regarded as average. Thus they can keep the level of appetite at a reasonable level and only a few of these are stored as fat.

Brown rice is a very good example of food produce containing complex carbohydrates. Due to the fact that they have a complex structure, their digestion and absorption into the bloodstream is a slow process.

Other examples of Complex carbohydrates

lose weight quickly image07Unrefined or whole grain products such as bran cereals and brown rice – These contain protein, vitamins, minerals and fibre in addition to complex carbs

Legumes, like peas, beans, and lentils – These also have high levels of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals in addition to complex carbs

Vegetables contain different quantities of both simple and complex kinds of carbs. They also contain many nutrients, water and fibre

The 3rd type of Carbs is Fibre or Indigestible carbs

They help promote health and growth. They also play a very good role in the digestion of food and help prevent constipation. Fibre cannot be regarded as a source of energy for the cells as the body cannot break these up into smaller units for absorption.

It can be seen that all carbs are not the same. different types of carbohydrates perform different functions in the body depending upon its structure. Thus cutting out carbs completely from your diet, as recommended in some diet regimes, may not be a good idea. However, a very good understanding of the types of carbs and role they play could help you to decide what type of carbs to choose or eat to match your fitness, muscle-building, weight loss or health goals.

Thus, if your goal is to lose weight quickly, your aim should be to choose carbohydrates that can easily be broken down and used by the body. You should also try to avoid those that the body could end up storing as fat. The quantity that you eat at each moment in time also depends upon how much energy you require and how quickly you can burn this energy. Making the right choice could put you on the quickest way to lose weight.

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