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Simple Ways to Burn Calories and Lose Weight Quickly

Simple things that can help you burn calories and lose weight quickly

There are many daily activities that we can incorporate into our lifestyle to help us lose weight quickly. Most of these will not involve spending loads of cash and will not require us spending many hours in the gym or buying expensive equipments. All what is needed is a little bit of commitment and effort on our part. We put together a number of activities that can help you burn calories, help you lose weight and therefore, help you live life healthily


prson swimmingSwimming improves the strength of the muscles and also raises your level of endurance. Swimming is considered as one of the most intensive cardio workouts, helping you burn about 100 calories with just 14 minutes of normal swimming , whilst going for such high energy strokes as the breaststroke could help you burn the same amount of calories in less than 10 minutes


Many people see gardening as both a hobby and fun, but it can also be seen as a very good workout. The raking, lifting, pulling, squatting etc involved in gardening, all lead to the burning of energy. Raking the lawn or pulling weeds for about twenty minutes could help you burn about 100 calories


Any cleaning activity – hovering, mopping, sweeping, window cleaning and washing the car etc are all very effective ways of burning energy and helping you lose weight quickly.


cyclingCycling is not only invigorating but is also viewed by those who indulge in it as very liberating. Cycling can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Whether going to the shops, work, school, or just for fun, you can burn a lot of calories incorporating cycling into your lifestyle. Cycling will not only help you burn calories and put you on the road to the quickest way to lose weight, it can also greatly help the body fight such chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetics.

Using the stairs

Using the stairs is one of the easiest ways of burning calories, so instead of using the lift or the escalator, try the staircase next time you have to go up or down the floor levels of a building. This can help push your effort to lose weight quickly forward


Walking, especially, walking briskly is a great way of burning fat. Why don’t you start by travelling by bus rather than by car, you will need to walk to and from the bus stop; walk to the shops during the lunch break. Ideally aim at taking about 10,000 steps every day. As many as it sounds it is easily doable. This is another great way to help lose weight quickly


Dancing, apart from being fun, can help you burn lots of calories. Apart from helping you lose weight quickly, dancing can also help improve your health by

  • raising the heart rate and also
  • toning the body’s muscles, and
  • tightening the body’s muscles,

all due to the constant movement


If you are planning a day or night-out, why not take the whole family bowling instead of going to the cinema. Bowling for half an hour could help you burn more than 100 calories and would also give you lots of fun.

Walk the Dog

If you own a dog then you are probably burning lots of calories everyday when you walk the dog without you realising. Doing this on a daily basis can greatly boost your weight loss effort.


Cooking for about 30 min could help you burn about 100 calories. Apart from burning calories cooking your own meals will mean that you will be in the best position to choose very healthy produce for your cooking

All these activities, though quite simple are all very effective ways of making your journey to the quickest way to lose weight a very enjoyable one. So no more excuses of not having time to go to the gym. You can lose weight quickly and live life healthily by making a few changes to your lifestyle

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