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Speed up your metabolism to help you lose weight quickly

Steps to help you speed up your metabolism, burn more calories and lose weight quickly

how to lose weight quickly image002The quickest way to lose weight is to take enough steps to enable you to burn more calories than you take in. To lose weight quickly therefore you need to burn a lot more calories and take in fewer calories. The amount of energy that your body can burn at any particular moment is also very necessary for maintaining a healthy weight.

One effective way of putting your body in a very good position to burn more calories is to increase the rate of or speed up your metabolism. Making changes to your lifestyle and choosing and eating the right type of food can

  • help you speed up your metabolism,
  • help you burn more calories and hopefully
  • help you lose weight quickly.

This article is an attempt to show you how you can

  • speed up your metabolism,
  • burn more calories and by doing so,
  • lose weight quickly.

Eat more protein-rich foods, burn more calories and lose weight quickly

healthy foodEating healthily is very vital when on the road to the quickest way to lose weight. Research shows that up to 25% of calories in proteins can easily be burnt off. And given the complexity of proteins, the body uses more energy when trying to break it down. In fact the body may have to increase calorie burn by up to 35% after a protein-packed meal compared to the energy required to burn carbs. Thus it will be advisable to choose a diet that is very rich in proteins

For a protein-packed diet go for one containing lots of eggs, fish, poultry and lean meat. Low-fat options are always the best.

Having breakfast should always be on your menu

A good breakfast should contain a combination of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Taking porridge with fruits for breakfast, for example, should give you this. All things being equal, this should give you about 25% of your daily calorie requirements. Having a good breakfast will

  • increase your metabolism,
  • make it possible to burn more calories, and
  • put you on the road to the quickest way to lose weight

Drink cold water to invigorate your body

drinking waterResearchers believe that drinking very cold water can increase your metabolism. According to the findings of a research carried out in Germany, drinking 6 cups of cold water a day can help you burn an extra 50 calories a day, amounting to about 5 pounds of weight in a year

Drinking cold water also provides you with extra energy to undertake aerobic exercises, which further raises your metabolism

Eat spicy food, boost your metabolism and lose weight quickly

Capsicum has a lot of nutritional benefits. It can increase your metabolism drastically as it raises your heart rate and can help you lose weight quickly. Whenever possible, add hot spices to your meals. Red peppers or chillies in your meals can help you reap all the nutritional benefits of capsicum

Get enough sleep

Research shows that a good rest can help you burn more fat. Lack of sleep on the other hand makes it difficult for the body to perform its metabolic functions properly, including the processing of calories. Thus having a good night sleep is very essential if you aim to lose weight quickly,

Choose the right type of exercise

strength trainingChoosing the right exercise to match your weight loss goal is very important

Interval training increases your heart rate, raises your metabolism and helps you lose weight quickly

It is a known fact that the more muscles you have, the higher your metabolic rate. Having more muscles will allow your body to burn more calories and lose weight quickly. Thus combining exercises such as resistance training with your protein-rich diet, will not only help you build up more muscles, but will also raise your metabolism and help you lose weight quickly

Opt for Green Tea, or better still, Tava Tea.

These contain antioxidants that can help you speed up your metabolism and therefore help you lose weight quickly.

Try Acai Berry or Phen375 fat burner

For some people, boosting your metabolism through such natural means is easily achievable. For many others, this may not be the case. For such people, why not try an alternative?

acai_berry_2To help you speed up your metabolism, why not try Acai Berry or Phen375 fat burner. Either of these can

  • boost your metabolism,
  • help you lose weight quickly by helping you burn more calories,
  • give you a slimmer and healthy body, and
  • raise your level of confidence


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